Fire Sprinkler Systems and More

When your commercial building project is ready for its fire sprinkler system, we put you in touch with contractors who always do the job right and manufacturers who engineer the products you need. Mechanical Supplies, Inc. works with the most trusted names in the Columbia, Maryland, area. From water tanks to pressure relief valves, we show you the best items for use in your structure.

Making Your Building Safe

Complete your construction project with a high-quality, fire protection system. All of our systems meet or exceed standards established by the NFPA. The products we carry include:

Electric and Diesel Fire Pump Systems | Fire Pump Systems That Feature Vertical Turbines | Residential Fire Pump Systems | Fire Control Equipment | Fire Department Connections | Extinguishers | Fire Hose Equipment

Installing and Maintaining Your Water Storage Tank

Always have water available to you and your staff. Whether your water storage tank is for fire protection or potable water, we have everything you need, including:

Steel Storage Tanks | Pressure Vented Tanks | Rain Harvesting Tanks | Potable Water Tanks | Underground Fiberglass Tanks | Dry Hydrant Fittings | Fittings and Valves | Automatic Control Valves | Altitude Valves | Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual Pilot Actuated Main Relief Valves | Electronic Level Monitoring Systems

Always on the Shelf

Some of our products are always readily available. We try to keep certain items in stock at all times, such as:
3/4-Inch Cash Acme Valves | 3/4-Inch Kunkle Valves | 1/2-Inch Air Release Valves | Cla-Val 55L’s | Mercoid Switches | Suction and Discharge Gauges

Our Manufacturers

Rely on the companies we represent to produce long-lasting merchandise. We are proud to represent the manufacturers and fabricators who work tirelessly to bring you the best products, including:

Pump Manufacturers
Aurora Pumps | Fairbanks Nijhuis Talco Fire Systems Geo-Systems USA Weir Floway

Controller Manufacturer’s
Hubbell/Metron Firetrol Tornatech Joslyn Clark Eaton Cutler Hammer Master Control Systems

Pump Accessories
Cash Acme | Cla Val | Global Vision Inc

Jockey Pumps
MTH Burks

Containment Solutions Inc. Highland Tank AST Storage

Tank Accessories
Pneumercator Universal Valve | ETT